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Beautiful Design + Easy Navigation + Device Compatibility
Websites not only need to look good, but they need to function well and be easy to follow and understand. They need to be viewable on all mobile phones and tablets and accessible at the touch of potential customers’ fingertips. Take a look at my work, read up on my faq’s, and hopefully we can team up and get your business where it needs to be.

Some features I can put on your website.
Features in yellow are included (if you want them). Features in orange cost a bit extra. Features in turquoise cost several bits extra. Don’t see what you need? I can probably do it, just ask!

Newsletter Signup

Newsletter Templates

Online Payments

Online Shops

Social Media Links

Sharing Buttons

Appointment Booking

Online Donations


Blog Page

Homepage Slider

Photo Galleries


Questionnaires & Polls

Applications & Contracts

File Upload

Language Translator

Event Calendar


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Support & Maintenance

I am not the typical website designer or web developer. creates website designs that are attractive and easy to use with the ability to drive real results. I create every design through marketing research, graphic design creation and development centered around your business needs. This means your design is inspirational and packed with beautiful design features.

FAQ’s and other need-to-knows.
Please read as these can help you decide if I’m the right designer for you.

How does your process work?

The very general way it works.

1. I ask you for links to sites you like the design layout and general look of. They don’t have to be sites in your specific industry, they can be any kind of site.

2. Based on those example links and our initial conversation I come up with a layout for you to look at about 2 to 3 weeks in (sometimes longer, just depends).

3. I then get your feedback, you let me know if I’ve hit the nail on the head or if I’m completely off (which hasn’t happened yet, knock on wood!) and we go from there. It’s some trial-and-error and really just a lot of me “playing” with layout, mixing and matching fonts and colors and grid options, until I have a complete look that you absolutely love! I may suggest custom icons, I may make you a background pattern based on your logo, I may say “hey, you should really consider bringing in a fourth color”. I try to consider all avenues to make sure we get the most out of your site so it can, in turn, be the most visually awesome experience for your customer.

Limits on you. Yes, you

I require a LOT of trust.

There may be times when I try to talk my clients out of using a certain font or even a feature, or just something they really want. Should this happen I promise you I will give specific reasons why, and while you might not agree I truly hope you will trust my professional opinion. I always strive to make every client happy, but sometimes you, the client, can be your own worst enemy when it comes to design decisions. I’m confident in my ability to come up with something you like the first or second time around. Of course you know your business best and I depend on the information you give me, but a certain amount of trust in my skills will be necessary to get your work done in a timely manner.

If any of the following describes you I may not be the right designer for you.

  • You’ve dabbled in web design so you know a bit about the process and “how it works” {There’s only room for one cook in this kitchen *wink*}
  • You’ve put it off and now you need your site done as quickly as possible, like yesterday {Quality takes time, a rush job will not yield the best results}
  • You’re not sure if you see the value in having a website for your business {I’d be too afraid that you wouldn’t value my time and effort, so let’s just not go down that road together}
  • You saw several sites you absolutely love so you have a long list of things your site must have, but you have to stick to your small budget {I understand having little money, especially in the beginning of a business, but the more you want the more I have to charge, as it’s not fair to me to give you x amount of features for a disproportionately low price… plus my prices are already pretty low}
  • You’d like a low price on the first project because you promise you’ll be giving me more work {Ummm nope, not falling for that one}
Do you offer SEO?


All sites come with a basic SEO setup. BUT for those interested in monthly maintenance I partner with a few developers for different projects. They’re experts in their field and offer reasonable monthly SEO maintenance plans for all budgets. More dynamic or complex business sites like real estate or online stores really should have a monthly SEO plan to be successful in bringing in customers or leads if you don’t already have an established client base.

What does a website cost?

It depends.

Of course price varies based on every clients’ needs. My prices are honestly quite low compared to other freelancers and certainly lower than a design firm, I urge you to check around and find out for yourself. I’m interested in earning what I feel my services are worth and what is commensurate with my cost of living, NOT in the maximum amount I can get out of you.

How I keep costs down


I use WordPress, which is a CMS (Content Management System). What’s important for you to know about that is it saves me the time of having to write foundation code necessary for a website, and that in turn, saves you money. A benefit of having a WordPress site is that you can manage your content yourself should you want to. It’s quite user-friendly and basic photo and text changes require no knowledge of coding.


I’m a one-man shop. I’m the only one you will be dealing with. I do all the sketches, Photoshop-ing, designing, coding, customization, everything it takes to get your website up. I don’t have a staff to pay, I don’t have an office space I rent, I own my own software and hardware so I don’t need to tack on fees to cover those types of expenses. The only additional costs aside from the actual designing would be related to domain and hosting fees, any special plugins or software you may need for your business, or printing costs, should your project require it.

How long will it take?

Turnaround time is 3-6 weeks.

This will always depend on current workload. And honestly, you’ll probably take more time than you realize to get me your content and photos ?

If you’ve been wanting a website or been meaning to redesign your existing one for months or even years, then really, what’s a few more weeks?

How about Support & Maintenance?

Doing the things you can’t

I offer a support & maintenance package which includes the following:

  • Full weekly backup of the site and its content.
  • Safe platform and plugin updates.
  • Security monitoring and malware protection.
  • 5 hours of support.
  • Google Analytics implementation with email reports.


Interested in a Redesign of an Existing Site?

Answer a few simple questions and I’ll take a look at your website and get back to you within 48 hours with an initial quote. This is a simple non-binding questionnaire, something to just give you an idea of my fees if you are shopping around for someone to change the look of your existing site. This is NOT intended for new websites. For new sites fill out the contact form.


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